About Red Kite

When I was running an indie vintage homewares label, there were only 3 things I outsourced and they were my logo design, some photography and the dreaded tax return. Everything else, including my website, I had a stab at myself. Initially of course I didn’t have a clue about web design, and I had a friend build me a shell of a site, which I then learned to manage myself.

I tore my hair out tackling technical goblins head on – but it was one of the things I liked best about running the business – which is why, when I sold my homewares brand, I began a new venture building websites for people like me.

Because, you see, I have been there – I absolutely know the sound of tumbleweed blowing past when someone talks techy at you, and I know the feeling of utter despair at the thought of having to undertake the gargantuan task of learning how to build a website (or in my case, understand tax returns.)

I also how it feels to laugh in someone’s face when they tell you it will ‘only’ cost you a few thousand pounds, because you and I both know that is not in your budget.

But you need a website, and despite what many all-singing, all-dancing web agencies might tell you, it most certainly is possible to get a website up and running for sub-£500, not sub-£5000.

That is what I do, I build websites for small businesses and self-employed professionals looking for a low-cost online presence – without the need to win the lottery.